Sale of island in Seychelles
Location: 20 minutes helicopter flight from Mahe

The size of the island is 15 hectares.
There are several villas  on the island (possible to construct more), swimming pools,  house and one residential complex (for staff of 20 people). 
It is possible to create additional harbor for big yachts.

Amazing beach with access to lagoon with perfect swimming conditions. 
Previously it was luxury boutique resort.

The offer is unique and it does not have analogues. 

All details are available on request.

Sunrise and Sunset real estate properties
From times to times we publish details about the properties which we have for sale.

1. If you do not see the property of your dream in our portfolio – please do not hesitate to contact us and to describe what you are looking for. If you prefer to live on sunrise or sunset side – it will be considered!

2. If you think that the price for certain house/ apartment/ land / business in operation is too high – do not hesitate to make the offer.

3. Not all properties are listed online due to the preference of the owners.

For example, the property can be rented to tenants, it is easy to find the location and the owner prefers to respect the privacy of people.
If the business is in operation (hotel for sale, for example) – it is also undesirable to provide the details in open marketing. The potential buyer can always imagine himself being the seller and it helps to understand the logic of certain actions.

Sending your request to us saves a lot of your time and efforts making the process of search effective and pleasant!

- Which one from the hotels in your portfolio could be termed as luxury resort / property?
- Which one from the hotels in your portfolio could be termed as luxury resort / property? 
It is very good question because different people have different tastes and understanding what means luxury.
Example: for one person wooden chalet 120 m2 surrounded by the garden, with roofs made from natural materials - is already perfect and this is a dream. 
Another person cannot consider the villa with size less than 250 m and without private swimming pool as luxurious at all.  ⠀
Even if one chooses the most expensive resort from the list it does not mean that the concept of hotel will be suitable for this person, his/her expectations, compliment the mood in this moment in life etc etc. 
How the perfect result can be reached? 
⠀ ⠀
We use the combination of professional products knowledge and intuitive approach 
⠀ ⠀
Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts about it with us.

New Direct Tel Aviv-Seychelles Flight Route to Launch in November
Air Seychelles, the national airline of the East African country Seychelles, will start operating direct flights to Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport starting November, the company announced Tuesday. 

The new route will operate once a week on Wednesdays, departing the Seychellois island of Mahe in the morning, and take off from Ben Gurion International Airport in the evening.

1001 pleasure in one Villa
When studying a world map on a smartphone, a huge map on the wall or a globe on the table, you start thinking about a wide range of places, which would be worth considering not only as a perfect vacation spot, but also as an investment. However, having analyzed a number of factors, I have come to realize that there are not as many ideal spots on the planet as it seems at first glance.

Their number decreases significantly once you consider several factors:

- Maximum number of sunny days per year that are beneficial for health and mood
- Warm, harmless azure ocean
- Peaceful in every respect region
- Conveniently located in terms of transport accessibility
- Every detail of the potential place of residence and/or holiday destination is well thought out
- A wide range of services provided captivate the most demanding clients
- Ultra unusual “icing on the cake” that you have never seen before.

And all this goodness can be turned into not just a high-quality luxury vacation spot, but also an investment, from which you can derive profit.

The described picture exists not only in imagination, but also in reality. The pleasure begins with the name of the country - the Maldive Islands. Here lies a rare opportunity to purchase a one-of-a-kind, exclusively available at this resort a 3-bedroom villa with a waterslide.


The villa has the advantage of a second-to-none private location, facing the sunset. The light-filled first-floor area includes a living room opening onto the terrace leading to the pool, two spacious bedrooms, an outdoor shower, and a private gym. The retractable roof causes an unparalleled delight, thanks to which you can enjoy the starry sky lying on the bed!

If you have brought guests, there is no doubt that they will be moved by the view of an endless turquoise lagoon! The main bedroom on the left side of the first floor comes with a large dressing room, a study where inspiration reigns supreme, as well as a well-designed area for children. There is also a guest bedroom on the right side.

A 12-meter pool with a large recreation area creates a relaxed mood, with a water slide spicing it up with a touch of playfulness. Adults and children will be satisfied!


The second floor commands a panoramic view of the lagoon; there is a third bedroom with a retractable roof, a luxurious bathroom, and a TV room with a large selection of films and music.
Villa guests are treated to a personal butler service.


The villa is a short 35-minute seaplane trip away from the Male International Airport; the villa is located right in the middle of a magnificent lagoon that stretches for 5 km and has small uninhabited islands in the vicinity. In the Maldives, this unique project boasts of the lowest urban density and crystal clear water. During the complex construction, special attention was paid to the protection of the fragile environment.

The owner as well as the guests of the villa have access to the entire infrastructure and can take advantage of the resort services at special prices: restaurants, shops, spa, yoga pavilions, gyms, a kids club, a diving school and a host of other things.


Food products used for cooking come from homegrown organic gardens.
Guests of the resort are crazy about the cheese room, the chocolate room with hand-made edible goods and the ice cream room that offers more than 50 different flavors.

It is never a dull moment here: water sports, diving school, windsurfing and kitesurfing, fishing, tennis courts, dolphin cruises, a library, astronomical observatory, picnics in exotic places, an open-air cinema, cooking classes with renowned chefs, a wine cellar, top yoga instructors and so much more.

Even though the resort has been opened not so long ago, seemingly overnight it has gained huge popularity among guests from various regions and countries: from Europe, Russia, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and then some. Many guests love to travel with extended family or a group of friends, and this is the only villa with 3 bedrooms and a water slide. That is why, the demand for it is always increased. Prices per night vary from 12,180 to 25,883 US dollars depending on the season and availability of special offers.

The owner of the villa has an opportunity to combine pleasure with investments: take the time off and relax during the year as much or as often as one likes, and rent it out in his or her absence.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding real estate acquisition in the Maldives, recreation organization and villa rentals knowing you are guaranteed to get the best prices on a priority basis, as well as explore all the nuances of the region.

E-mail us right away to learn everything there is to know about the Maldives!

Author: Tatiana Prolesko

Proceeds from the bond will include support for the expansion of marine protected areas, improved governance of priority fisheries and the development of the Seychelles’ blue economy

The staff of the Seychelles National Parks Authority will next month start an exchange with Rodrigues Island in Mauritius to assist with its coral management.

Seychelles welcomed Austrian Airlines as it made its inaugural flight to the island nation on Thursday.

Austrian Airlines, which belongs to the Lufthansa Group, made Seychelles the fourth new destination that the airline has opened this year.

Greeted by the traditional cannon salute upon arrival, the Boing 767 carrying 214 passengers touched down at the international airport at Pointe Larue a few minutes before 9 a.m.  

After years of focusing on conservation and management of national parks, the Seychelles National Parks Authority wants to see more park visits by tourists and residents.

Seychelles' national carrier Air Seychelles welcomed the first of two new Twin Otter aircraft into its domestic fleet.



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