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 Advantages to Investing in Seychelles

Seychelles offers the following blend of advantages to investors:

   A stable political environment and government policies which welcome and support local and foreign investment

  An investment code which provides a legal climate that is conducive to a greater flow of investment and business

   Ideal location in the Indian Ocean, midway between the largest trading and manufacturing blocks of Asia and Europe, and a business stepping stone into  Africa

  Favourable time zone that allows working hours to overlap with major financial centres

  Labour force, fluent in English, French and Creole

  Excellent sea and air links with Europe, USA, Asia and Africa

  Seychelles boasts a telecommunications system which compares well with that of many countries in the developed world

  Port Victoria is at the heart of the Seychelles economy with two deepwater berths, extensive space for container handling and modern cargo handling    equipment

  An excellent and well developed infrastructure, including electricity, water supplies and road network

  Attractive package of incentives for investment in different sectors to enhance cost-competitiveness

Residence permit and work permit are available for foreign investors

  Good educational system and peaceful living environment to bring up families

  Strategic location outside the cyclone belt

Information for investors and tourists

Government agency promoting investment in the Seychelles www.sib.gov.sc or www.investinseychelles.sc for more information.

Official website of the Republic of Seychelles  www.virtualseychelles.sc


Main government portal www.egov.sc
Office of the President of the Republic of the Seychelles www.statehouse.gov.sc
Central Bank of Seychelles  www.cbs.sc
National Bureau of Statistics  www.nsb.gov.sc
Chief of State and Cabinet Members  www.cia.gov/library/publications/world-leaders-1/world-leaders-s/seychelles.html
Regulator of off-shore financial sector www.siba.net
Ministry of health and social services www.moh.gov.sc


Government tourism portal www.seychelles.travel/en/home/index.php
Seychelles national airline  www.airseychelles.com/en/home/index.php
Deroches Island - main Island of the Amirante Islands Group  www.desroches-island.com
Seychelles travel guide www.seychellestour.com
Seychelles Islands Foundation (SIF)  www.sif.sc/index.php










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