About us

Our motto is "Do things as thorough as we do for ourselves".

1.We love Seychelles, possess thorough knowledge of the country in its different aspects. We are working in purpose to make available to you the best of our abilities, our experience, our reputation of straightforwardness, to bring satisfaction in fulfilling your dream in our beautiful islands. We try to assist you in finding a place to live and to enjoy Seychelles (not to speculate).

2. Having clients from different countries we build long-term relations with people at all levels, backgrounds and cultures.

3. Solution of non-standard tasks is our daily job and our philosophy is to develop a win-win situation where all the parties can agree and have a good feeling about the deal.

4. We are well established, reputed licensed business. It is operating with the authorization of the Seychelles Estate Agents Board and the Licensing Authority.

We started operation on the 1st of January 2000 and we are involved mainly in selling properties but also in renting, valuation, construction, etc We have developed through all these years a first-hand experience, very useful to suggest the clients about "the do's" and "don't" in that field.

5. You can have a look at our portfolio which has variety of properties suitable for different demands, criteria, tasks, budgets etc. However not everything is listed on the websites. We have access to the properties which are very rare and difficult to find. 

6. We care about time and money of our clients. We believe in fair profit, not in unrealistic speculation. Our commission is set up in the selling price in agreement with the seller. We do not inflate the prices with extra skyrocketing commission as many do.

7. One member of our real estate team has solid experience in tourism field. Being the owner of travel company dedicated to Seychelles destination the specialist has exclusive knowledge of this market what can be useful for the clients wishing to invest in hotel/ resort development, to purchase guest house with perspective to run it with great success.

Exclusive service for the clients wishing to invest in hotel / resort in Seychelles

Organization of individual travel to Seychelles at an affordable price with a personal touch.

We provide our clients with practical information about Seychelles, detailed and reliable information for each hotel, map locations, beaches, facilities…in order to help you make your choice.

Hotels booking
Private Jets Flight Services;
Excursions, fishing, diving, snorkeling, hiking, helicopter tours, walks by the sea on boats and yachts, and more.
Wedding organization in Seychelles

The choice of services is based on the best value for money.
Our goal is to offer the highest level of responsive service and reduce travel expenses to minimum.

We care for you as much as we care for our own selves

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