Reef Safari Full day

Start your journey with a gentle cruise past the reclaimed island of Hodoul, home to large numbers of herons and cattle egrets. Then motor out into the marine park where you will board our semi-submersible to keep your feet dry while exploring the teeming reefs.
Climb back up on deck where you can reach out to hand the fish their breakfast before diving in for your own sub-marine adventure. We provide lightweight snorkelling vests and snorkelling equipment to allow you to get up close to the fascinating underwater world.
Enjoy a mouth-watering buffet, prepared in the traditional Seychellois style and savoured outdoors, while relaxing in the sun. Our multitalented crew will enliven the lunch with some traditional Creole rhythms. After lunch there is always time for a relaxing swim or perhaps nothing more strenuous than a lazy afternoon snooze.
Then join us on the scenic route back to Port Victoria, with a leisurely cruise around the islands of the marine park.
Praslin - La Digue Full day

La Digue is still steeped in the tranquil atmosphere of days gone by, which is yours to savour as you travel along the island’s meandering pathways by ox cart, admiring the picturesque harbour, fine examples of old Creole architecture and the restored copra mill at L’Union Estate.
La Digue’s Anse Source d’Argent is one of the world’s most famous beaches, renowned for its spectacular granite formations standing since the dawn of time, the jealous sentinels of a perfect beach.
La Diue’s island neighbour, Praslin is home to the legendary Coco-de-Mer which grows in an ancient valley of towering palms, once believed to be the original site of the Garden of Eden and home to the rare Seychelles black parrot. Then on to Anse Lazio, one of Seychelles’ most magnificent beaches. During your Praslin adventure we’ll make time for you to enjoy a delicious Creole buffet lunch of freshly grilled fish, piquant curries simmering in coconut milk and succulent fresh fruits

Peaks of Paradise - Seasonal

An opportunity to experience a thrilling adventure trekking along Mahé’s northern coast before cruising back to Victoria aboard our catamaran Catalina. Starting from Danzilles, the palm-fringed trail along the deserted northwest coast follows the contours of ancient granite boulders. Our experienced guides will point out some of Seychelles’ unique flora and fauna along the way. The 1.5 hour walk ends at Anse Major, where Catalina is moored in the sheltered bay.
After boarding by dingy from the pristine beach, the day’s excursion continues with a cruise to Bay Ternay Marine Park, stopping at undisturbed snorkelling sites, where guests not wishing to swim can spend time feeding the fish or sunbathing on the spacious deck. A delicious Creole buffet lunch is served on board during the gentle cruise home.
Full day Cruise: Instead of participating in the walk, you might choose to board Catalina from its mooring in Victoria and enjoy the sights while relaxing on a day-long cruise along the coast for a different perspective of Mahé.

Mahé Bus Tour - Full day

Experience the diversity and inspiring scenic beauty of Mahé, Seychelles’ largest island, in air-conditioned comfort, passing imposing granite peaks and verdant hillsides down to golden-sanded beaches fringed by clear tropical waters.
Begin with a tour of the capital, Victoria, and the picturesque charms of its ancient clock tower and colourful market, while our guides recount for you the history of the islands. After the market tour they will enchant you with tales of folklore as you journey on to the enchanting old Mission Lodge by way of a winding mountain road, where breathtaking panoramas of rambling tropical vegetation, towering granite peaks and the azure ocean await.
Travel on to the Jardin du Roi, where the most delicate Creole dishes are prepared and served to you in the midst of the spice, fruit and vegetable gardens which supplied the succulent flavours. End your day in the traditional ambiance of the Craft Village where an inviting collection of arts, crafts and tropical wares are created.
La Digue - Full day

Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of La Digue, Seychelles’ fourth largest island, where the rhythms of true island living still beat loud and where the bicycle and ox-cart are the main modes of transport.
Upon arrival at the picturesque island jetty, we will guide you - slowly - down the island’s rustic pathways to L’Union Estate where a magnificent old Creole house, restored copra mill and boat yard each recall a tradition of times gone by.
Nearby Anse Source d’Argent is counted among the finest – and certainly the most photographed – beaches in the world where imposing granite boulders and crystalline waters conspire with a beach of the finest sand to create a bather’s paradise. Then take time to enjoy a delicious Creole lunch in the warm and welcoming ambience of La Digue.
Bird watchers may even be fortunate enough to catch sight of the Paradise Fly Catcher, one of the world’s rarest birds, as it flits among the island’s verdant hillsides.

Vallee de Mai - Anse Lazio - Full day

Discover the timeless charms of Seychelles’ second largest island, home to the renowned Vallée de Mai, where the magnificent Coco-de-Mer, the world’s heaviest nut, grows on ancient palms in a primeval forest once believed to be the original site of the Garden of Eden.
Delve into this mysterious glade of towering palms, now a UNESCO World Heritage site, where the rare Seychelles Black parrot flits between unique species of endemic flora.
From here we will introduce you to the island’s most magnificent beaches, Anse Lazio, where magnificent boulders grace silver sands lapped by clear turquoise waters – the perfect spot for a refreshing dip or just a lazy, tropical afternoon.

Vallee de Mai - Half day

Enter the forgotten world of Praslin’s legendary Vallée de Mai, still miraculously untouched by man, where the once mythical Coco-de-mer, the world’s heaviest seed sensuously shaped in the form of a female pelvis, was first discovered.
Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Vallée de Mai – once believed to be the original site of the Garden of Eden – still nurtures several rare species of flora and fauna for you to enjoy, such as the famous Seychelles Black Parrot, the tiger chameleon and the diminutive Seychelles tree frog.

Cousin, Curieuse, St-Pierre - Full day

Enjoy a day out the ocean and a boat ride that will introduce you to the marine and avian wonders of a trio of spectacular island sanctuaries.
Begin your day on the small charming harbour of Baie Ste-Anne, then cruise the picturesque Praslin coastline to arrive at the island of Cousin, a special nature reserve, home to some of Seychelles’ rarest birds. Here, in the company of the island’s knowledgeable guides, you will discover the secrets of its pristine environment.
Then island hop to Curieuse Island National Marine Park where a unique island eco-system awaits as you follow a twisiting path through mangrove swamps to the site of a tortoise breeding colony. Enjoy a delicious barbecue lunch on the soft sand beach; surrounded by freely roaming giant tortoises.
Finally, the tiny islet of St. Pierre awaits you with a chance to relax or to snorkel into a kaleidoscope of underwater activity, amid vibrant colours and crystal clear waters.

Private Tours & A la Carte Services

Nature Trails

Walk inland from any of Seychelles’ beautiful beach and you will discover the unique beauty of the mysterious interior of our granitic islands.
And by participating in one of our nature trail excursions and you will be introduced to its inhabitants of endemic birds, insects, reptiles and plants.
The forests of Mahé are home to plants and animals seen nowhere else on earth, including insectivorous pitcher plant, five species of palm trees, pandanus, Bois Rouge and other plants, many of them used in local medicine. It is also home to one of the world’s smallest frog, the finger nail sized Sooglossids.
Our nature trail tours will keep you in good shape during your holidays; you will enjoy the spectacular “bird’s eye” views of the coast and the neighbouring islands of Mahe.

Cruise Mahé’s South Coast - Seasonal

Cruise on our 80 foot catamaran Catalina from Victoria along the east oast to the beautiful south and follow in the footsteps of pirates three centuries ago. Reaching Anse Royale, the site of the Jardin du Roi, the catamaran will skirt the reef edge giving you the best views the South Coast has to offer, which have remained unchanged for centuries. Sail along the beach of Anse Forbans, frequented by pirates to careen their ship and stock up on food and water. It is also believed that treasure is buried here! The majestic boulder of Cap Mason is believed to have been the place where witch doctors used to perform their ancient rituals.
The unspoilt coves of Anse Marie Louise, Capucin, Petit Boileau and Pointe Police are now among the last nesting beaches on Mahé of the Hawkbill turtles, a species threatened with extinction. A snorkelling stop is also scheduled at Police Bay to view the underwater world in all its splendour.
Catalina will then turn north and cruise back to Anse Royale, this time slipping into the bay through a channel in the reef and coming to anchor while you enjoy a mouthwatering Creole barbecue lunch onboard.
After lunch, stretch out and relax on deck, hop aboard the dinghy and motor ashore or stay in shape with a quick swim to the golden Anse Royale beach.
Cruising back to Victoria, if the wind is fair, the captain will rasie the sails and, this time further from the coast, lines will be set for a bit of game fishing.
Full day Sister & Coco Islands

A deserted island experience, with Guide, Lunch and Coach/Boat Transfers. These tiny granitic ‘gems’ are located to the north of La Digue and are accessible by a 30-minute motorboat ride from Praslin. Sister Island boasts one of the finest beaches in Seychelles, and is un-inhabited, excep for the warden and his wife.
The reef on the western side is ideal for snorkeling, while the island's prolific coconut plantation lends itself well to exploration. A typical Creole barbeque is served under the shelter of an old ‘boat house’ by the beach.
The tour's highlight is the afternoon's snorkeling off Coco Island, an experience second to none. Coco Island is a small granitic outcrop sporting few palm trees - its real treasure lies in the surrounding depths, which is often compared to a living aquarium. For the un-initiated, our crew is on hand with lightweight snorkeling vests to ensure that no-one misses this unique experience.

Full day Private Car Tour of Mahe Island

This tour includes lunch, English/French-speaking Guide, cold water & cold towels + Entrance Fees.
This 8-hour programme is tailor-made according to the guest's wishes, with a choice of two programmes:
1.    The Discovery Route: Victoria, Botanical Gardens, a drive through the Morne Seychellois National Park to the Mission Lodge, Creole lunch, beach siesta and visit to the Craft Village; or
2.    The Art & Culture Route: Highlights & Monuments of Victoria, La Bastille, Museum, central colourful Market, 'Codevar Craft Centre' displaying local crafts for sale, including "Kreol Or" quality boutique, Egbert Marday's Art Gallery, Tom Bowers' Sculpture Studio and La Marine Workshop. It is also possible for guests to tailor-make their own itinerary by choosing which places they would like to visit during the day. A 3-course lunch is arranged on the opposite coast from the guests' hotel.

Full Day Private Marine Park Reef Safari

This tour includes return private car & yacht transfers, English/French-speaking Guide & Creole Buffet Lunch. It caters to the increasing number of visitors wishing to enjoy the wonders of Victoria's marine park in comfort and at their own pace.
A leisurely drive to the yacht marina in Victoria for boarding a monohull motor cruiser approximately 10 metres long and 4 metres wide, for the short trip to our viewing boat. Our guide comes prepared for feeding the fish on the water's surface, before giving an expert briefing on the abundant coral reefs and myriad fishes viewed from the comfort of our semi-submersible.
On to Round Island which measures only 2 hectares, the rich vegetation and tiny coves can be explored in under 15 minutes, a guaranteed way to adapt to the relaxed pace of life in the tropics.
The BBQ'd tuna fish steaks are a speciality, and guests from around the world are still trying to guess the secret recipe of the marinade - an experience that leaves one wanting to come back for more.
The afternoon offers a choice of swimming, snorkeling, sun-bathing or a cruise along the coast line of north Mahe, before returning to Victoria for the transfer back to the hotel. There are no hotels on Mahe with a jetty, beach landings are dependent on the weather sometimes only possible from a beach away from the resort, which is why we have scheduled our excursions with return hotel transfer.

Full day Private Tour of Praslin island

This tour includes lunch & including English/French-speaking Guide, return private car transfers in Mahe, return domestic flights from / to Mahe island, cold water & cold towels + Entrance Fees.
Visitors staying exclusively on Mahe island will not want to miss the opportunity of visiting Praslin island, the second largest island in the Seychelles archipelago and a mere 15 minutes flight from Mahe, with a private programme starting with a visit to the site where exquisite black pearls are cultured at the only oyster farm in the Indian Ocean, to view the display of the art of cultivating pearls, as well as the breeding and feeding of the Giant Clam (Tridacna maxima); and, of course, the black pearls are on sale in the on-site jewellery shop.
The tour continues on to the Vallee-de-Mai, unique primeval home of the giant Coco-de-Mer nut and the rare Black Parrot.
The next stop is a delicious 3-course lunch at the Bon Bon Plume Restaurant at Anse Lazio, rated in the world's Top 10 beaches.
The afternoon offers relaxation at the beach or a choice of Spa Treatment/Golfing at Lemuria Resort (not included in the price).
Full day private tour of La Digue Island via Praslin

This tour includes English/French-speaking Guide, return private car transfers, return domestic transit flights between Mahe & Praslin islands, cold water & cold towels + Entrance Fees and Creole Lunch.
Guests staying only on Mahe, Sainte Anne, Cerf or Anonyme islands will want to visit La Digue, where the passage of time matches the islander's pace of life, circulating by bicycle or ox-cart.
This tour includes a visit to the copra factory, the old vanilla and cinnamon plantation at L'Union Estate, before visiting the world-famous beach at Anse Source d'Argent.
Lunch is a choice of a Beach Picnic or a mouth-watering Creole Buffet. The afternoon offers a choice of beach siesta, swimming, a tour of the rural north coast, or, for the energetic, a walk to the deserted beach of Grand Anse.

Full day Private Tour of Praslin & La Digue islands

This tour includes English/French-speaking Guide, return private car transfers, private boat transfers, cold water & cold towels + Entrance Fees and Creole Lunch.
Combining the best of the 2 excursions above, this tour includes a private car transfer from the hotel on Mahe island, scheduled flight to Praslin, private car transfers to the Black Pearl Farm, Vallee-de-Mai, private boat transfers to/from La Digue, private ox-cart ride to L'Union Estate, picnic lunch or Creole Buffet, with a choice of snorkeling off Coco Islet or return to Praslin for an afternoon at Lemuria Resort, where guests can avail of the facilities for Spa Treatments or Golf - the latter choice is not included in our prices.
A late afternoon flight back to Mahe, feeling utterly relaxed from this wonderful Seychelles experience.

Full day Private Tour of La Digue & Coco islands

This tour includes English/French-speaking Guide, return private car transfers, private boat transfers, cold water & cold towels + Entrance Fees and Creole Lunch.
Discerning guests staying on Praslin island will want to visit La Digue with maximum comfort, where time is measured by the mode of transport: the bicycle or ox-cart.
The tour also includes a visit to the copra factory, the old vanilla and cinnamon plantation at L'Union Estate, before visiting the world-famous beach at Anse Source d'Argent.
Lunch is a choice of a Beach Picnic or a mouth-watering Creole Buffet. The afternoon is spent snorkeling off Coco islet - a mere out-crop of granite boulders in the sea with a few palm trees - its real treasure lies in the surrounding depths, which is often compared to a living aquarium.







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