Seychelles religion comprises of many religions.

There are people from different ethnic groups who are settled in Seychelles since many years.

The majority of the population is Creole, followed by the Asian, African, European and the French. Each group follows their unique religion and beliefs. Still they are united because all of them respect the religion of each other.

Religion of Seychelles mainly comprises of Roman Catholics. About 80 or 85 percent of the population are the Roman Catholics. There are many Roman Catholic churches in Seychelles. The other religions are Anglicans, Africans and Asians.

Though the population of the country is from different religion, it never hampers the unity of the country.
Religion in Seychelles was never a reason of any kind of diversity among the people of the country. Each community of the country respects and follows the religion of another community. It is an advantage for the country because the country's demography is very low and the unity among the countrymen helps in development of it.

Apart from the ethnic groups, there are people from the French origin, who settled in Seychelles after the French colonists left the country. The French people are the Roman Catholics and this has increased into the number of the Roman Catholic followers in Seychelles.

The Asian religion in Seychelles includes the Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims. All the religions get equal respect in Seychelles and there are no limitations regarding the worship by any other religion.

There are four Anglican churches in Seychelles; in Victoria there is new Hindu temple and a mosque; and there are also smart Jehovah's Witness, Seventh Day Adventist and a 700-seater Pentecostral Assembly church.











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