01.02.22 Unique beachfront hotel for sale, Mahe Island, Seychelles

1. Location
The resort is located on Mahe island, 25 - 30 minutes drive from the International airport. Mahe is the main island of Seychelles archipelago, it has more than 70 beaches to visit and a variety of activities.   
Sometimes the buyers dream to have the house or hotel exactly in the most popular areas, such as Beau Vallon on Mahe or Anse Lazio on Praslin. It is worth keeping in mind that these are not only extremely expensive areas nowadays but also it will be difficult to enjoy privacy there).
Another side of the coin could be the remote quiet location of the property. But it also might have the disadvantage of being too far from the main infrastructure, not so convenient when using public transport and expensive when taking the taxi etc.
At the resort which we are selling, you will have the perfect combination of both benefits: it is very private, quiet and at the same time it can boast the proximity to the most postcard Seychelles beaches and main island infrastructure. 

2. Land Plot
The Resort is located on seafront freehold prime land 6800 m2 in size, over walled, gated, well secured. Artistically landscaped gardens include a large infinity pool, gazebo and sun-deck.
The territory is planned wisely with attention to all details. 
Example: private parties can be organized in a way that it will not disturb the neighbors and other guests staying at the resort. The combination of peace and activity is possible here. 

3. Idea of the Resort.
The resort has 51 double & 17 single rooms, being located in 17 luxury fully furnished villas, relevant to 5* standards, equipped with all electrical & water treatment machinery. 
The villas have 2 or 4 bedrooms and this fact gives benefits for budget and convenience of big family or friends traveling together: no need to book several rooms at the hotel. They can share the villa, to enjoy privacy, socializing at the same time and enjoying prime value for money. 
The villas are created, planned and designed in such a way that the guests from various countries, different tastes and preferences get the best impression, enjoy the comfort of their stay which can be proved by numerous reviews on the Internet. 
The views from all villas are outstanding, panoramic and this is an important point: people, who are flying so many kilometers to Seychelles, deserve to see and to hear the ocean as much time as possible. 

4. Price niche 
It is really excellent and right. After analyzing and comparing the rates in many resorts - here you will discover reasonable prices.
Example: some resorts/small hotels/self-catering can be cheaper but significantly more modest and the majority of them cannot boast such a prime location.
Or they can have more or less the same level or higher but the price will be minimum 2+ times higher.

5. Flexibility and combination of short-term and long-term rentals
If we look more attentively at the possibilities of the Resort, we are going to discover one more distinctive feature that is difficult to find in Seychelles.
The resort was planned in such a way, that part of the villas can be leased for short-term basis as a usual hotel 365 days per year (Seychelles is all -year-round destination).
At the same time, you can keep part of the villas (for example 5-6 from 17) and to lease them on a long-term basis, if you do not wish to keep the whole resort stressed with 80-90-100% occupancy all the time.
Such offers will be in high demand because it is not easy to find villas for rent in Seychelles for 1-4 month, with prime quality and location, on the beach and at affordable price, especially during such seasons as Christmas, end of March, April, August, October-November. 
Either the price will be too high, or the location will not be beachfront, or the property will not be available for long term because short-time rental usually brings more profit to property owner.
Moreover, you may keep one villa for yourself as a private residence and the rest can be used as a resort. This is also quite a rare combination of private use and investment opportunity in one property. 

6. Concept of the Resort and its Reputation
At the moment the resort is working as a self-catering establishment and there is no need to keep a lot of staff. 
The meals can be arranged upon request, also you can organize providing the service of a private cook for the guests.
The resort has been in operation for several years, it has gained an excellent reputation, numerous reviews from tourists of different origins.  Some of them mentioned in the reviews that usually they never put the highest mark on the hotel where they were staying, being demanding and very sophisticated. But in the case of this resort– they do this.
All this saves a lot of time and efforts of the future owner, he will just need to keep maintaining its perfect level.

7. Freedom to create and Marketing
Here you can start doing something that will be advantageous to distinguish a resort from others. 
Example: the place is perfect for yoga and / or coach sessions. Retreat center can be arranged as well as a small shop with local SPA production.
You can create and propose:
- packages for stay at the resort for fishermen: big game fishing and usual barbeque fishing. 
- weddings and celebrations: the resort has a perfect location, terrace and gazebo suitable for enjoying the most memorable events in life. 
- variety of special offers for different seasons etc

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in such an investment!
The visit can be organized upon request.


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