05.08.22 The very first question non-Seychellois visitors ask: can we buy a property in Seychelles?

The very first question non-Seychellois visitors ask: can we buy a property in Seychelles?

The Seychelles territory (land) is quite limited, there is strong pressure from the local community to have access to accommodation, land, and /or apartments/ houses.
On March the 10th 2021, the Council of Ministers took a courageous decision regarding residential bare land: applications for the sale or transfer of residential land to non-Seychellois are frozen, pending a report by the Ministry of Lands and Housing on the details of land which had already been sold, leased or transferred to foreigners.
The rule applies to existing properties, even though we feel (not official) that some special circumstances could generate special decisions.
 Imagine that an investor of 5 million US$ in an approved business venture, considered very useful to Seychelles, wished to buy as well a villa for his family?

Regarding the villas, a few businesses have been granted the right to sell properties to Non-Seychellois. These properties are in a high bracket of price and name them: Eden Island, Eden View Village, Pangia, La Louise Residency, Perseverance condominiums, and luxury villas within tourism resorts (Four Seasons, Desroches, Zil Pasyon etc).   


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