Beachfront land for sale with a lot of possibilities! St. Saveur, Praslin
Участок с береговой линией и большими возможностями, остров Праслин

Land, easy to be developed, for an exclusive tourist resort or a great private property.

General location in Praslin: the area is called St Sauveur.

Several possibilities depending on the size of the investment you wish to conduct:

Proposal 1 : 7860  m2 with 83 meters of sea frontage for an asking price of 25,000,000 SR or 1,500,000 Euros (at a present rate).

Proposal 2 : 7860 m2 with 80 m of sea frontage + 10,515 m2 with another 200 m of sea frontage for a price of either: so a total of 18 375 m2 with 272  meters of sea frontage !

A. you can buy 100 % of the shares of the owner company for an asking price of 4,000,000 Euros
B. you can buy 60% of the shares of the owner company for an asking price of 2,400,000 Euros (the minority shareholder being ready to share his competence and experience to assist in the development)

Additional proposal : There is also the possibility to add an adjacent 10,500 m2 parcel with another 200m of sea frontage for a price of 2,100,000 US $ so that the total area becomes
28875  m2 with 472 meters of sea frontage!

Please find more details below:

Proposal number 1

The land surface is 7860 m2 and has a beach frontage of 83 meters.
It used to be a small hotel called Villa Flamboyant.
The existing buildings are no more suitable for a tourism resort as they are in a poor condition in relation with the present higher standards of the tourism industry.
They could be used to be a temporary shelter for the building company workers. 
It can be sold independently - free hold.

One can see the location of the present buildings. It is absolutely magic and peaceful.

Proposal number 2

In proposal number 2, in addition to the parcel of proposal 1, one adjacent parcel is added, giving a total of 18375 m2 with 272 meters of sea frontage!
The second parcel is on a lease hold basis for about 70 more years and the lease belongs to a company.
therefore the sale is being done through the sale of the company which is holding the lease agreement.

The owner proposes to sell 100 % of the company, or 60% of the company, which in this case, he would remain as minority shareholder at 40% and would be involved in the administrative tasks of the project development. All these issues are matters for fine tuning.

It has to be noted that on the proposal 2, there is an approved project of building 50 rooms for a tourist establishment.

Additional possibility

In addition to proposal 1 and 2 there is the possibility to add for 2.1 M US$ another 10,500 m2 with an extra 240 meters of see frontage, which you would increase the possible tourist establishment from 50 to 75 rooms. 
Technically there is also included in this additional possibility, a forth narrow parcel of 4,869 m2 (length of 400 m along the sea frontage) which is not much usage as being too narrow, but it is part of the deal. 
The third and forth parcels are sold on a free hold basis.

The plans here under are showing the adjacent narrow parcel which is part of the package. One will see the limited usage because of his narrowness -400 m long- and the land use regulations in the vicinity of the beaches.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to arrange the visit or to ask for more details!

Участок с ровным рельефом и береговой линией великолепно подходит для туристического девелопмента или личной резиденции.
Расположение: остров Праслин, район St Saveur

Здесь имеется несколько возможностей в зависимости от размера инвестиций и планов будущего владельца

1. Вариант первый.
Участок 7860 кв.м. с береговой линией 83 метров. Запрашиваемая цена 1 500 000 евро.
Ранее здесь располагался небольшой отель Villa Flamboyant, который уже не подходит для использования в туристическом бизнесе, т.к. здание обветшало и морально устарело. Но строение можно использовать для рабочих, например, на период строительства новых строений . Этот участок может быть продан отдельно. 

2. Вариант второй. Участок 7860 кв.м. с береговой линией 80 метров + 10515 кв.м. с пляжем протяженностью еще 200 метров.
Именно данный участок находится в аренде на 70 лет.
Аренда оформлена на юридическое лицо.
Итого 18375 кв.м. и береговая линия 272 метра.
Имеется утвержденный проект строительства отеля на 50 номеров.

Можно купить 100% компании нынешнего владельца, запрашиваемая цена 4 000 000 евро; или приобрести 60% компании за 2 400 000 евро. 

Также имеется еще один участок 10500 кв.м. с еще 200 метрами берега.  Запрашиваемая цена 2 100 000 долларов США.
Таким образом общая площадь превращается в 28875 кв.м. с пляжем 472 метра.
В таком случае можно построить отель уже на 75 номеров, который будет считаться очень большим отелем по сейшельским меркам. 

Технически возможно добавить к владению еще один участок узкой формы 4869 кв.м. с береговой линией 400 метров. 












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