Big land with beautiful view at Au Cap, Mahe
Продажа земельного участка в Au Cap, Маэ
Why can't you pass to purchase this property of 3,198 m2,  located at 75 meters above sea level?

This property is:

- located at 10 minutes from the airport
- located at  8 minutes from the great beaches of Anse Royale, the second city of the Seychelles, which provides all services in a non congested quality of life!
- located at 30/35 minutes from Victoria, if you really need to go to Victoria! 
- located in an up market estate,  good paved secondary road access, electricity and water. 

The Seychelles bonus : of course with a wide angle  beautiful sea view! 

The price is reasonable at 78 Euros per m2 (or equivalent in other currencies) 

Living in the vicinity of Anse Royale means: 
Fine Restaurants, Banks, Petrol station, Fish and Vegetable local markets, general merchant shops,  Pharmacy,  Hospital, University, Post Office, Sophisticated ISPC shop, parking available,  without speaking about the snorkeling point of Ile Souris and the several km long Anse Royale beach (swimmable around the year) etc

One can see that the sea is not far from the property.
There is a good road access to the plot of land.
Nobody will block your sea view as each contour lines represents 5 meters of declension.
But the land is definitively not difficult to build.
Do not expect to visit a bare land in a armchair! 
Mother nature is generous and it is always easier to rework gradually and modify the plantation to your liking rather than to start from scratch on a bare land.

Площадь 3198 кв.м., 75 метров над уровнем океана.

Расположение в Au Cap - это :
- 10 минут езды от аэропорта
- 8 минут от великолепного пляжа Anse Royale: хорош для купания круглый год
- одной из лучших для снорклинга бухт Ile Souris
- также в Anse Royale (его можно считать вторым городом на Маэ после Виктории), есть рестораны, банки, почта, АЗС, магазины, рынки - где всегда продают свежую рыбу, хороший супермаркет ISPC, 
- 30-35 минут езды от столицы Виктории

Отличная подведенная дорога, имеются все коммуникации, ровный рельеф - удобен при ведении строительства. 

В качестве бонуса по-сейшельски: красивый вид на океан.
Цена разумна: 250 000 евро (примерно 78 евро за кв.м.)













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