Apartments for sale on Mahe
  Апартаменты в новом комплексе, остров Маэ

New Concept of Every Day Life Comfort , Great location, Security.
31 residential units (either 1 or 2 or 3 bedrooms), 3 retail shops, and one penthouse.

Ideal Location: 10 minutes driving from the center of Victoria, 5 minutes from the Airport and 5 minutes from Eden Plaza.

Availability: beginning of January 2017.

Sizes: 57 - 162 m2.

Before looking at the list of prices, you have to know that banks are very happy to see the project coming to reality,  and they are keen to consider lending funds to potential buyers,  of course, provided one fits their criteria.

Also let us consider the additional features included in the prices of the apartments:

1. the developer is planning to keep a certain percentage of the properties for himself, which is a guarantee in the standards of construction.
2. the developer is also a producer of building material, so he knows very well what quality means.
3. each block will have its own generator for emergency lights
4. each block will have its own water system with an individual pump
5. each block will have its own sound proof elevator
6. the apartments will be fully furnished and international professional designers have been contracted.
7. the apartments are equipped with air con. (the aircon in the living room has its connection ready but it is not supplied).
8. there is a good system of CCTY security system and the property will enjoy security around the clock.
9. the retail shops should cater for the some of your needs
10.individual covered or opened air parking will be included with each apartment
11.the every day details and management worries will be taken care by an association which in return will receive a fee from the different entities.

The prices start from 188 000 euro.

For further inquiries, questions, organizing a visit - do not hesitate to contact us!

Обеспечены комфорт, безопасность в сочетании с удачным расположением.
Жилой комплекс состоит из 31 апартамента (с 1,2,3 спальнями), пентхауса и трех магазинов.

10 минут езды от столицы Виктории
5 минут от международного аэропорта
5 минут от торгового центра Eden Plaza.

Возможно банковское кредитование!
Застройщик оставляет часть апартаментов для себя, то является дополнительной гарантией качества строительства.

Каждый блок апартаментов имеет:
- собственный генератор для аварийного освещения;
- собственную систему водоснабжения;
- отдельную систему звукоизоляции;
- лифт.

Апартаменты полностью меблированы, оснащены кондиционерами, системой сигнализации.
Предусмотрен паркинг для каждой квартиры.

Площадь: от 57 до 162 кв.м.
Цена от 188 000 евро.

Объект удачно подходит как для личного использования, так и для сдачи в аренду.

Дополнительная информация, организация посещения -  по Вашему запросу!












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