Real estate for sale at Eden Island

Almost everybody interested in real estate in Seychelles, at least once was attracted by proposals at Eden island.

There is an impressive choice of properties for sale and for rent here. Our team knows many properties owners at Eden personally and we can provide accurate details about each apartment/maison/villa, specifics of location, difference of beach conditions etc etc relative to another offers.
Below you will find the list with some examples and introduction details.
Every property is unique, it has individual features.  We will be happy to discuss them with you and to find the most suitable apartment, maison or villa according to your request.

Please note that some properties are not posted online on the demand of the owners.

Please describe what you are looking for and we will organize the most effective target search. It will save your time and efforts in purpose to find the best value for money at Eden island. 

Villas for sale at Eden island 
 Beachfront Villa, 3 bedrooms 
Asking price is 2 300 000 USD 

 Beachfront Villa, 5 bedrooms
Asking price is 2 800 000 USD 

 Beachfront Villa, 5 bedrooms
Asking price is 3 100 000 USD  

 Villa with 4 bedrooms, very private area
Asking price is 4 600 000 USD  

 Villa, 3 bedrooms
Asking price is 3 500 000 USD  

Maisons for sale at Eden island 

 Maison , 4 bedrooms 
Asking price is 1 400 000 USD  

 Maison, 3 bedrooms
Asking price is 1 200 000 USD  

 Maison, 5 bedrooms
Asking price is 2 200 000 USD  

Apartments for sale at Eden island 

 One-bedroom apartment
450 000 USD

 One-bedroom apartment with 2 bathrooms
475 000 USD 

 Two-bedroom apartment
620 000 USD

 Two-bedroom apartment in the most quiet location of Eden Island
650 000 USD

 Three-bedroom apartment 
985 000 USD

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