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Sometimes the impression appears that the choice of beautiful properties is wide. But in fact, if you make detailed list of desired features – it often turns out that it is not so easy to find the house of your dream. Even in such destination as Seychelles. 

It has not only to meet all requirements, but also to be unique. Like its future owner.  Nothing similar should ever exist in the past, in present moment and in future. 
It worth keeping in mind that buying of property of such kind may happen only once in life. Would be a pity to skip information in right moment and therefore to miss the opportunity like this one. 

Let us get acquainted with Villa that cannot remain indifferent even the most sophisticated person. 

Newly constructed, elegant and modern luxury Villa on three levels, with full facilities including a swimming pool and gym. It is overlooking Port Victoria and the northern coast of the island.

It has large land plot (even by Seychelles standards!) constituting the space for creativity, for example to arrange a tennis court, landscaped gardens with exotic tropical plants, fruits, flowers;  private retreat and SPA center; special place for socializing with friends; meeting room immersed in green scenery of gardens etc. 

It contains not only all wanted criteria but also maintains unique vision and feeling of life, a sense of originality, giving you immense energy and inspiration every single day. 


4.000 m² of landscaped gardens, enclosed by a boundary fence

 located at Ma Josephine in the highlands of the heart of Mahé island

 1700 sqm of living space, 8 bedrooms

 The Villa has one main Master Bedroom with en-suite bathroom, mezzanine sitting area, walk-in wardrobe and direct access to an infinity pool.

 There is another secondary master bedroom and two other large bedrooms on the main floor level.

 Spacious lounge/living room leads to the infinity pool and a very big balcony/decking area.

 The very large modern European kitchen is fully equipped to cater for the needs and comforts of the property.

 There is a 2nd level downstairs with an independent 2 bedroom apartment with its own kitchen, dining room and living room.

 There is separate one-bedroom studio on the downstairs 2nd level.

 The property has a very large gym and SPA area. 

 There is also a one-bedroom concierge studio apartment.

 The property has ample parking for several cars, double secured enclosed automated car port.

 There is a standby generator, large storage reserve that is served by a mountain stream.

If you are hesitating whether to keep the villa for private use or for investment with future plan to lease it, you will get the best tenant.  It is difficult for them to find the property like this one in Seychelles.

Asking price and more details are available upon request. 

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