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Why Seychelles have great opportunity for hotel owners?  


Deducing the formula for an ideal holiday can seem a difficult task, because the needs, habits and dreams of everybody are different. However, if you look closely at the Seychelles and start talking about a combination of factors, a picture opens that forever conquers even the tourist who has visited 150+ countries and compared to everywhere the Seychelles took the place of the best exotic islands. 

As a result, the constituents of the formula could be: 

- season lasts 365 days a year

- absence of natural disasters
- if you are flying from Europe – the absence of jet lag

- cleanliness, security
- friendliness of local people

- variety of things to do – the main islands are large in area, there are countless picturesque beaches and coves, along with mountains and museums; there are also small island atolls

- prices for meals are comparable with European ones
- objectively the most beautiful nature in warm Indian Ocean
- countless beaches where you will be completely alone

- terrific diving, surfing, trophy fishing, and opportunities to explore nature 

The natural beauty of the 115 islands as well as the unique Creole culture have not only attracted a growing number of visitors, but have also caused the islands to be a magnet for regional and international companies looking to invest in this sector.
Considering all above investing in hotels segment in Seychelles has a lot of advantages.

Let us have a look more intently at this opportunity.

 Climate and Seasons

Seychelles unique climate with a temperature oscillating between 26 ° and 31 °all year and the absence of cyclones are assets which are envied by the most renowned tropical islands. For the majority of another exotic places weather can be an obvious problem. Paradise can seem anything but, if there's a hurricane or tropical storm with damaging winds and dangerous squalls bearing down.

Seychelles never face this problem. Most of the islands activities can be enjoyed 365 days per year.

 Level and quality of life. Seychelles is a prestigious destination; they hold the highest standard of living of the African continent and a good political stability. 
1st in Africa and 28th in the world on the Corruptions Perceptions Index 2018.
2nd Highest GDP per Capita in Africa.
Ranked first in Africa for Human Development Index.

Seychelles offer a world class financial centre with no foreign exchange restrictions.

 Price for owning the piece of paradise
The offers are not all as pricey as you might presume. Of course, buying of the whole a large and sandy tropical island might be costy.  But even this is still realistic! Moreover there is a vast choice of land plots of different size, location, beachfront and not, boasting unique ocean views, possibilities of resort development, villas/ houses construction, small and bigger hotels in operation etc.  

The majority of the properties are located on the islands of Mahe, Praslin, Cerf, La Digue.

A question of privacy
An island might sound like the perfect place to get away from the stresses of life on the mainland, but too much privacy can be stifling for some people.  In Seychelles both options can be easily combined. There is the selection of the properties where you will enjoy absolute privacy but still being located close not far to main infrastructure where you can enjoy active life and socializing.

 To start a new hotel or to proceed with existing one? 
In Seychelles there is the choice of hotels in operation which you can buy and continue keeping as business, or to reorganize the management, to renovate etc. Or you have the option to buy the land which has never been developed, with no existing road access etc. and to develop the property yourself according to your project. It will take longer period of time to receive all approvals and permissions.
Logistical difficulties and bureaucracy are moderate and not higher than in the majority of the countries from which the investors usually appear. 

In Seychelles there is high tourist demand for accommodation in all types of resorts, hotels,  guesthouses,  private houses. In all seasons. The price range per night can be various from 60 euro per two per night up to 12 000 euro accordingly.
By providing an exceptional guest experience and becoming popular, your property can achieve profit through the right management and strategies. It is possible to keep high occupancy all year round.

Selection of right niche is important to consider in combination with your investment opportunities, experience and vision. Please note that accommodations (hotel, guest house, self-catering establishments) between 1 to 15 rooms are reserved to Seychellois only. 
Hotel, guest, house, self-catering establishment, motel of 16 to 24 rooms  - foreign equity limited to 80%. 
Hotels with 25+ rooms do not have limit for foreign investment.

 Full service idea
Food and beverage, meeting and banquet? Maybe you're launching not one venture (a hotel) but two (with that restaurant), maybe three (if there's a lounge), and it acquires that many more degrees of complexity. Meetings and banquets? Make it four. A spa? One more. A resort location? The possibilities are endless. 

If one, two, or even all of the above work for you, if you can organize it all and hold it all together, great. But complex things that work well usually start out as simple things that work well: this includes a hotel management.
If you have no hotel management experience, it is possible to find someone who does. A hotel must be managed with skill and intentionality by people who know what they' are doing.

You need to know who your ideal guest is, a lot of the time it will be an overseas visitor wanting to see and learn more about the country they’re visiting. 

The main questions you should be asking yourself include:

- Is the location desirable?
- Is the property the right size?
- Is the decor in good shape or does it need upgrading?
- What type of guests stay here?
- How soon would renovations be required?

We have large selection of the properties for hotel / resort industry investment in Seychelles starting from small complex of 4 apartments with excellent guest reviews up to private island for sale with access in private lagoon and big beachfront plots of land.

You can explore our portfolio online or in purpose to save your time please send us the request what you are looking for.

Our team with more than 20 years of experience will do all needful to assist you in the best way.

Some of the properties are not listed online due to the preferences of the owners.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about investment in hotels in Seychelles,  if you wish to share your opinion.
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